All articles must meet the submission guidelines identified below. For more information about the journal, please visit

  • The review process is anonymous, so authors should not identify themselves anywhere within the manuscript.
  • Manuscripts should be in English and conform to the standards set forth in the current (6th) edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, including in-text citations and references.
  • Submissions should not be currently under review by another journal, nor should they have been made available in print or on the Internet.

Submission Materials

Cover Page

  • Title of the article
  • Date of submission
  • The following information for all authors:
    • Name(s)
    • Official title(s)
    • Affiliation (s)
    • Office and/or home mailing address, phone and fax numbers, and email address for the primary author


  • Brief (maximum 150 words)
    • Top, bottom, left, and right margins set to one inch
    • Times New Roman 12-point font, double spaced


  • Title of the article and date of submission on the top of the first page of the manuscript
  • Editors prefer concise manuscripts consisting of less than 5000 words, not including references, or appendices—and should have no more than six tables or figures
  • Must be in a Word .doc file with:
    • Top, bottom, left, and right margins set to one inch
    • Times New Roman 12-point font, double spaced
    • Text, title page, references, tables, and figures all in a single file
    • Page numbers in the upper right corner of all pages 


Include a Feature Image (photo or graphic), 210×210 pixels or larger, to be used as a placeholder along side your article. Can be a higher resolution JPG or TIFF file. Please refer to, to check for additional sources.

Submit tables, figures, and other media in a separate file.

  • Save graphic files as Windows-compatible TIFF files
  • Editors prefer Word tables
  • Tables or figures cannot exceed 35 picas (5 inches) in width or 51 picas (8 inches) in length
  • Use Times New Roman font (double spaced) on all graphics
  • Number tables and figures in the order that they are mentioned in the text (all must be referenced in the text); use Arabic numbers for figures and Roman numbers for tables
  • All supplemental graphics and images should be placed in appendixes designated by capital letters appendices
  • Define all measurement units and abbreviations in table notes
  • Graphics and photographs are considered figures
  • Suppress vertical and horizontal rules on tables


  • On a separate page include a biography for each author
  • Each biography should consist of one-paragraph of no more 100 words. —same margins, font, and pagination as throughout the manuscript
  • Include self portrait photo, 150×200 pixels or larger

Submission Instructions

  • Manuscripts should be submitted electronically via email as an attachment to
  • In the subject line, please put “Last name, date, and eJournal Submission”
  • In the email message, please include the full name and current affiliation for each author, the complete article title, and the article abstract

Copyright permissions

By submitting material for publication, the author assumes responsibility for obtaining any necessary permission for use of copyrighted or previously published materials used within the submission. Such permissions shall be produced upon request by eJournal staff or Missouri State University legal counsel.

Book review

Submissions should not exceed 600 words including author, title, date, publishers, number of pages, ISBN, and reference citations, as well as the reviewer’s name and institution. Reviews should be double-spaced, in a Word .doc file, and in Times New Roman 12 point type.

Letters to the editor

Submissions should not exceed 150 words including a title page with the author’s full legal name, degree(s), affiliation(s), and contact information.

Guest Editors/Special Topic process

Submissions for a special issue should adhere to all the above guidelines. However, the following shall outline the process after submission to the eJournal.

  • All submissions will be copied for the eJournal file then forwarded to the guest editor
  • Guest editors will review the submissions and choose which ones should go forward for peer review.
  • Guest editors will correspond with authors while also copying all emails to the eJournal.
  • Guest editor and managing editor will work together to obtain two peer reviews for each submission.
  • In consultation with the managing editor, guest editors may supplement eJournal peer reviewers with several of their choosing.
  • In consultation with the managing editor, guest editors will decide which submissions to publish.
  • The eJournal will be responsible for copy-editing all accepted submissions prior to publishing.